Thursday, February 19, 2009

The latest! :)

Sooo I told you I am not gonna be good at Its been a while. Lets see...Christmas was AWESOME! We LOVED all of our gifts and most of all seeing all of our family! Ummm New Years, that was freakin awesome. Valentines....I worked!!! hahaha but Austin worked with me so it was actually very fun. Lets see...My friend Robin and sister in-law Gen convinced me to apply for a charter school for my kids and I promised Jesse I would keep him and Kayden together so I finally agreed. :) Jess and Kayden are in the same class right now and LOVE it, so taking that away from them is not something I want to do if I can help it. But heres the catch, on the latest lottery my kids got accepted and Gen's didnt!! But if I don't send in their registration then my kids wont get in and hers could possibly get in the March lottery!! ahhhh!!! Its not fun. I have nothing against private schools but honestly I am very much pro public schools. It doesn't make sense to most but its just the way I feel! lol :) So we'll see how all that pans out later. Other news...hmmm....:) (Its hard to remember almost 3 months worth of info! LOL) Austin and I have been on a stricked budget this month and pretty much all the way throughout the year! It sucks but it will take us to Disney World in May which we are soooo excited for, Ohio for Austin and I in August, and of course our annual trip to California! I hate budgets! :) But this will be good for us! Also coming up is Dominik and Sisi's 2yr old birthday party!!! Its on March 4th and I will try my hardest to post pics! Its at Bouncing off the Walls and those pics are always pricless!