Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of those days

My studly nephew Jace Birthday boy!! :)

My sister in-law is amazing! She made everything for this party herself!

Mom ate too many of Jace's birthday teeth hahaha Love you mom!! lol
Have I said I LLOOVVEEE my nieces!! :)

Ran The 5k with Robin in 32 min!!
For her mom Cindi and my aunt Dana

Easter 2011

Have you ever had one of those days where you just look around you and realize the awesomeness! lol Thats me today. My family is simply amazing. I tried out this new chore chart with my kids and they are doing SOSOSOSO good. Mom said if I didn't make it and start small they would never learn how to clean the way I did....haha I was mostly glad that they were reading their 20 min a day like they are suppose to. ;) Seriously though, you never know how lucky you truly are till you look around. We have the most amazing friends and family anyone could ever hope for. And I have this perfect man. He completes everything with me. Almost 9 years later I can say that with absolute certainty. I love him so much. Our family has gone through thick and then and made it to the other side so much more happier than we ever have been. Its crazy how just knowing who really matters and is important can change everything. How knowing that everything else could be totally and completely wrong but this isn't, our life is perfect, even with all its imperfections! And I can't end this without bragging about Jesse "Soaring Eagle Award"!! He got it for having all A's last quarter! He must be learning from Dad cause I am NOT that smart. lol GOOD JOB baby!! :) Did I mention Austin and I are pretty much the most proudest parents in the world!!!