Monday, June 8, 2009

So Here are our Disney World and Universal Studios pics! Sorry it took soooo long but its been busy here at the Fivas house! lol It was a blast! Extremely exhausting but fun! I wish they could combine all the best rides into one park! hahaha We told Jesse & Collin they are going to have to walk next time we go! They said "Yeah right Mom & Dad!!!" but they will! :) We had so much fun and like with most our trips we wish we could go back. but we are going to wait until Dominik is old enough. And we might try for a girl ONE MORE TIME in August. I did some research on the Internet and found that it could be possible if I track my temp and find out my exact ovulation date, and it stays consistent...i might....its scary cause we really are happy with the three we have. I just know that a little baby girl would make it perfect! So keep your fingers crossed for us just in case! :) I will keep everyone posted on that front. The summer is shaping up to be a fun one. We have a camping and boating trip with Austins family for the fourth and I have my work cut out for me getting ready for the two weddings I am in. Jodi's is shaping up to be the hardest. We are so behind, and maid of honor is hard when the bride slacks!! HAHAHA I love you Jodi! But anyway, we had a weird thing happen at church yesterday. WHILE in church someone shattered Austins truck passenger window and stole the radio! Wow it was sooo crappy! Austin was so upset. And Jesse being him makes sure to inform everyone that comes into the house! :) Speaking of church...I got call to assistant camp director which I gladly accepted cause with our schedules it the best one for me! We leave in 3 weeks. Austin doesn't know how he's gonna cope...but he'll do fine. He always does. Well for now I think that sums up everything!