Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ITS A GIRL!!! Finally! YAY!! :)

So right now we are going with Brooke Elivie Fivas. Not Brooklynn. I am not a fan of that name for me. Even though it is highly popular right now, its just not for us. I think having three boys has put me in the mind set of boy names, because this is the most girly I have been able to settle on! ;) It started with Alex, then Jordyn, and then Taylor. But that's been over a lot of years of praying someday we would get this little girl. Austin is excited now that he is 100% sure she is a girl. He wasn't even wanting to go to the ultrasounds because he was nervous I would cry. The funny part was that I KNEW it would likely be a boy because that's what I am use to. I really was REALLY okay either way before we found out. And now, well...now I am very nervous. I am good at boys! :) I have three VERY amazing ones. And before I give a photo update I want to tell theirs! :) Jesse has completed his season of soccer this fall and he is doing so so well! He really is getting so much older, SO FAST! The first time I saw him get the ball with his head it hit me like a ton of bricks. They are just swarming around the ball praying for kicks at it anymore. And to watch Austin...oh man...if I am having a bad day, I just have to look at him on the side lines! He's so hilarious. Jesse is now in his very first season of basketball now. He's always wanted to play that, but it always overlapped with soccer so we waited till he thought he could handle both for a couple weeks. He is learning the game more and more and I cannot wait to see him grow with it. Collin is taking a break from baseball and is giving a karate a go. He gets to do it with a good friend of his next door, so that makes it fun for him. Even though he is a major homebody, he is starting to like going to that. Dominik is anxiously waiting to start flag football. And honestly, so are we. That kid needs to burn some energy and aggression on a field cause he's a crazy one. That is also what keep us entertained though, so you can't complain much. Well Halloween is almost here and I will have PLENTY of photos of that because its one of my fav.'s but this is baby Brookes photo moment. ;)

18 weeks. This is the most I have ever shown this soon!
She is a girl though, and that is coupled with a 4th baby. :)

18 weeks! She always has her hand up like that! :)
18 weeks, Austin loved this one because he got to see her
put her thumb in her mouth! :)
16 weeks, I think she is saying she is okay here. My brothers
say she's throwing up gang signs. ;)