Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Jobs, and Fivas Life! :)

Well the kids are doing great! I don't see them much with this new job of mine but they are both doing great in school! Dominik is done with speech therapy and is potty training! He is being stubborn like the Fivas he is, lol. But, he is getting it down slowly but surely. Austin and I have been dieting trying to loose some extra pounds and it has been hilarious to watch how long we're able to stick to our 11 day diet...we usually make it to day 9 or 10...but this last round was only day 8! :) We're horrible. We are on round two for this year...hoping to do better! Neither of us have much to loose, but we want to stay on top of it. I am huge freak about staying healthy. I try not to be but I can't help it. I mean one of my FAVORITE shows is the BIGGEST LOSER and I watch it religiously. If you haven't watched it, you should!! Its the BEST! Austin and I still have had no luck with getting pregnant either. The doctors think I might have endometriosis and that might be the key factor. But I am trying to get this job thing under control before I go doing all those tests and doctor visits!

So the job thing that I keep getting questions about, here's the scoop. My daycare is still being ran out of my house by Gentry and my mom. I still buy the groceries, and do the money books. I try to fill in when I can, but its not very often. I no longer work at Wise Guys either. What is my new job?? Well my uncle James opened a pizzeria/Italian food restaurant called "Jamo's" and asked me to be his manager. It is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. My uncle warned me he would be hard to work for, and he was NOT lying! But its worth it. I get to see a lot of my family on a daily basis and for the most part it is a fun job too! A lot goes in to it and I haven't got it all down yet, but I am trying. The catch is that it is in Stansbury Park so its 30 min away. However if you think about it, most people are in their cars commuting 30 min just in traffic right? lol. They are going to open another one in Saratoga Springs sometime in the near future, I am not sure if I will have much a part in that one or not. We shall see. I know with this job I feel like I work A LOT more cause I am never home. Thank goodness for Mom and Austin! I couldn't do it without their help and support!

So I guess that's all of it for now. up coming...we are going to celebrate Dominik's 3rd birthday! As well as my grandma's, mom's, brother Chris's, my nephew Ashton's, sister Tasha's and MINE!!! WHEW!!! RIGHT??? lol And I have a couple friends with birthdays that month too!!! Craziness. And as if that's not all enough...Austin and I will be going to spend my birthday with my best friend Valarie in Ohio for 5 days. I am so excited, I can't stand it. We also have a TON of babies on the way around us!! Robin's will be first, and she isn't finding out the sex so that will be fun to find out in Mid March too! My brother Bobby is expecting his second and isn't finding out the sex either. With him they are just weird to me tho. Robin's got one of each already, he doesn't...What do I know tho? I am excited for the addition either way!! :)