Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life with Fivas's is good! Updates....

So you have lots of photos that will catch you up and soon there will be lots more. Austin and I are going to Vegas in a couple days for alone time before our big trip to Disney World with Jesse and Collin on May 2nd. So there will be more pics and blog after that. Right now Austin and I are looking forward to time off. But come May 9th I will be working both the Comedy Cafe in West Valley and the new Wise Guys/Pound Cakes returant at Trolley Sqaure. I sampled the food today and its amazing, so you all should come out! I will totally stick with the West Valley club on Fri's and Sat's but it will be fun to pick up shifts at the new place too. Plus Jack my boss asked me to so what do you do? lol Jesse is still doing amazing with school and Collin got his graduation pics back from preschool and they are sooo adorable! Dominiks speech therapy is working wonders. It feels like these kids are getting bigger by the second! And we couldn't ask for better kids. Austin got Collin to ride his bike without training wheels on Sunday which was great! But I think I have hit all the major points as far as updates so until next time... :P

3/28/2009 Mia's 26th Birthday Night
Theres not a whole lot to say for my birthday week and weekend! Only that it was perfect!! My wonderful husband, family and friends made this birthday for me! It definitley wouldn't have been the same without my friend Charles and sister Wendy!! Seriously just PERFECT! And if you ask Wendy it was like it never ended cause I had my birthday dinner the following weekend at my mother-law's house with my brother-inlaw Craig in town! :) I definitley couldn't have done anything without my mom! She watched my kids whenever someone took me out!! I love my mom and dad! They are always there for both Austin and I!

3/?/2009 MISC PICS!
The question mark is delibrate! lol I seriously can't remember when these all were taken but I wanted to post them! I have absolutley no idea what Collin is doing with his shirt in one of these but it made me laugh sooo freakin hard!

4/12/2009 Easter Sunday

So this was a fun Austin and I are missing in these pics because Austin broke out in hives ALL over and was scratching CONSTANTLY so since we have the most awesome dr's office we were able to take him in and get a shot and tons of meds....yeah...we totally never foun the cause and he is still on the meds cause they keep coming back! But the kids had a blast! Dominik finally held Ashton! And they couldn't be more excited to do the egg hunt at Grandma an Grandpa Whites! :) They loved their Easter baskets and Dominik made it his personal mission to eat as much candy and possible whenever anyone turned their backs!

4/14/2009 Brittney Spears & Pussy Cat Dolls!

This night was great! We had sooo much fun and the concert itself was amazing! Wendy, Gentry and I went with a few friends and Austin was working along with Suzanne(mother in-law) and Roger(father-law). So Roger being as awesome as he is got us down to the floor not even 10 feet away from the stage! We would have had fun either way because our friend got us tickets 19 rows up in lower bowl but it was so cool to be that close!