Saturday, December 20, 2008


I just want to get on here and say Merry Christmas before I don't see you and get the chance! We love you all and hope your Holiday season is everything you are hoping for!

With that...updates...Lets see....It is December and its been a crazy holiday season so far! Sooo much going on, but I have some pictures of some of the parties and programs. Collin's program was yesterday and he did sooo freakin good. No wondering eyes like normal....He SANG and did all the signs! SOOO cute! He didn't just let cousin Hailey do all the singing! lol Jesse is getting more excited everyday hoping Santa brings him what he wants, and Dominik....well he's almost 2...need I say more! Just know he's keeping us on our toes! lol Austin and I are working a lot....hahaha What else is new right? I have a funny note about Austin tho! So I was watching football with him last Sunday and I see an add on TV about the NFL women’s line and I say "AH! Some of those look so cute! I need a new Bronco shirt!" And the next thing I know there is a NFL wrapped box under the tree! hahaha I know, subtle right! I love him! He's so funny! Any who...I'll post more pics when I get them!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everything thats been going on since October! lol

So first things first....TWILIGHT! lol was AWESOME!!! And everyone who disagree's can kiss it! I have read those books WAY too many times for anyone I know to argue with me. And most of you know it! lol (Yeah I'm 25, SO!!! hahaha) Just look at these pics!! How can you argue with me!! :)


(Not Good looking...really?? Ummm YES he is!)

(This movie was GREAT! :) GO watch it! )

Okay...I'm done! LOL I saw a post that irratated me can you tell! :)

So the Family is doing good. Jesse and Kayden's birthday party was alot of fun in November and Austin and I are staying in SLC! YAY!! I was nervous there for a minute! :) I mean Jesse has a girlfriend and everything, we can't leave lol! Can you believe a 7yr old can think he has a girlfriend? Honestly...he's so freakin adorable tho. Austin and I have been working alot lately!! Too much some think but you do what you need to right! Oh I have a funny one, so I went to parent teacher conferences two weeks ago and this is what I got....Collin has his "good & bad" days! if its a good day he'll throw it all out on the table, if its a bad day stay away!! hahaha what do I with that? He likes to write his name backwards but we're working on it. And she said he likes to wonder off when no one is looking during singing time. And what made this funnier is I followed Gentry for Hailey's conference, so I got to hear the end of my niece's PERFECT conference about how she is top of her class and all....hahaha and my son has good and bad days! It was interesting. Jesse's was the exact opposite! He is top of his class, above grade level in reading and she said all the parent helpers love to work with him because he is so polite and easy to work with! Again...what do you do with that?? I love my boys!! They keep me on my toes for sure. Dominik is starting to, slowly but surely say odd words, but I'll take it. He's just gonna get better! And then in November was also my cousin Ashlee's wedding! She was so beautiful and I had so much fun being her maid of honor. So to sum it all up our fam is doing great, and life is good right now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

So we went out to get some Family pics and the time of day we went was just all wrong...
But these ones were awesome! We are going to go out again so I will post them as soon as I get them! I am so excited to get some way cute ones of the boys! The best ones I got were of Jesse but I posted a few of their singles! Collin's are halarious!! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

This years party was AWESOME!!! Soooo much fun! Well besides the fact that my contacts made my eyes hurt and get red all night! lol But the red adds to Halloween scariness right! :) So here's the pics that are being requested, Enjoy!...........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collin's 5yr SHOTS!!!!

Someone should seriously tell you before you have kids that they have to get shots continually until they are 5!!!!! lol Collin was so cute today at his appointment! I couldn't stop laughing. I felt bad! But he was so funny! Dr Lei leaned over him to me and said " We'll give him the flu mist so that spares him at least one shot" and then Collin looks him straight in the face and says "I don't want ANY shots!!" hahaha it was hilarious and how bashful he got when they had to check his "boy" parts...seriously it was so freakin cute! I hated holding him down for them and seeing his face when it happened but then he whimpered loudly the whole way out just to prove his point and again made me laugh! Kids are the best!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Time!

We have had SUCH a busy weekend! With work and all the parties yesterday! lol :) My boys did have a blast at Sisi , Savanah, and Bella's Halloween party! They are still talking about it! And I worked Wise Guys the last couple of nights so its been crazy busy! The good news is we are going to TRY and be lazy and just hang out at home today for the most part, because Austin leaves for St George tonight for the week! :( So I'll have to let you know how the lazy thing works out! So have you ever in your adult hood had a night full of nightmares? I mean seriously, Friday night I had one right after the other and it felt like I didn't sleep at all! Is that weird? And SOOOO real! When I woke up it felt like it all really happened! I don't know, I just thought I'd throw that out there because I can't get it off my head! I hope everyone has a good weekend and Just a reminder that Wendy and my Halloween party is Friday the 24th and you better dress up if you plan on coming! I mean its our 5th year doing it you should be use to it by now! lol And its at my house at 8:30pm. Let me know if you need anymore details!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Collins Birthday

Collins Birthday was a TON of fun! He loved all of his gifts and can't get enough of them! lol I thought it was funny because I dressed Collin in a way cute outfit and by the end of the party he's in his gift from Vanessa! It was good to see everyone who came.

Monday, October 13, 2008

You all got your way! :)

I am starting this Blog for all my family and friends, BUT I am very content with my MySpace! Just wanted to throw that our there. :) I promise to update this as often as I can, but if you want to know things on the spot....I guess you'll just have to check your MySpace! hahaha.

As for Updates, Collin's birthday party is on Wed. I will post pics for all of you that live far away :( Jesse is doing awesome in school. I am truly blessed that he is as smart as he is. We don't have to practice more than once on his spelling words each week and he loves that, because it takes homework time down by half. Dominik is being his usual self and refusing to talk, but Dr Lei says that 2 older brothers that know what he wants without him talking is probably not helping. So our goal is to teach our older 2 to make him ask for everything or at least attempt :). Austin's Job is still trying to get him to move to St George to head the Direct TV office down there...but thats a hard decision we're not ready to talk about. Leaving here isn't really something either of us want. Plus we love our house and how close it is to everyone and everything we love! For now he is going to travel there once or twice a month to check on things. I really hope that, that is a solution that will keep us here. My daycare is doing awesome, and I still LOVE my Wise Guys job. I guess I'm a work aholic but I'm home all day everyday so working a fun job like that once or twice a week is the best. Other than that, I'm just busy with my 1st of 6 weddings to come from now until August of next year!! Its going to be a crazy time. And you all thought I traveled a lot last year. :) Above I posted all this years vacations, First was Disney Land, 2nd Punta Cana, 3rd Ohio, 4th Vegas, then last but not least California! And I thought I wouldn't be able to show all of you these! lol, I guess this blog might come in handy after all! :)