Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Continues Even When School's Almost In!! :(

I never imagined that I would be freaked out about the boys starting school again...but I am NOT excited! Its giving me anxiety like no one's business! lol Its weird cause I have always just been so excited for them to be in elementary cause it was my fav! I made some of my bestest friends there. But it also means that 2 out of our 3 kids is in school full-time! So freakin weird. And Summer has been so much fun, and we are just NOT ready for it to end. But the truth is we still have some summer adventures left and I am sure when Mondays over this anxiety will begin to go away...or at least I hope. Dominik wasn't thrilled about summer pre-school we are hoping watching both brothers leaving everyday will bring back his want to go to school!

Last week we had a couple of our best friends in town to visit and for their anniversary. Just like with everytime we see them it was a blast! Except they got to see Utah instead of us being in another country or with them in Ohio. And as much as I could put into the 4 days they were here, we did. We went to Wendover, Boating, downtown, and they even spent 3 days in Park City for their actual anniversary. One of the days Val insisted on us going to see Chelsea Handler and I am glad we went, it was a lot of fun! And she was hilarious. It really was a great week and I can't wait till we're able to hang out with them again.

Austin turns 32 next Friday!! And he doesn't want to make any plans. He is the BIGGEST home body I have ever known. lol He did the same thing on Fathers day. But what can you say when its their birthday right?

The only other up-date for now is that my brother Cheyo and his wife Heidi are having a girl. They are planning on naming her Stephanie and she is due in November. Just like with Kai...I cannot wait. At least this time I know what the sex of the baby is! lol