Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dominik & Sisi's Birthday Party!!! And updates!!

So this party was sooo freakin awesome! The kids had a blast and you can totally tell Dom was worn out by the last pic! hahaha him and Sisi had the perfect birthday party and it makes us sooo happy! The people there, the place, the was perfect. So to those of you that made it, Thank you! Dominik's official birthday is on Monday. The 9th! I am glad he got the party he did. His talking is coming along which we are excited about. He is pulling out more of his personality every day! Definitely the coolest 2 yr old ever....Sisi is definitely in a close second tho! :) I love my kids sooo much! Its crazy how it hits you at the weirdest times how much you really love them! :) Sounds weird I know...I am weird. lol
As for updates, Mine and Gen's kids made it into Hawthorn Academy and even tho I am not really excited at all...Austin thinks it will be better for them in the long run. He is right a lot of the time so hopefully this is one of those! lol Jesse is doing great, his parent teacher conference went awesome. His teacher says he is perfect in most areas and above average in others. Collin is catching on a lot quicker in preschool and I am starting to feel better about him being in regular school next year! Dominik I told you about already, and Austin and I are doing awesome on the budget (knock on wood)...well for at least our first month! I can't wait for Disney World! I think my kids are gonna go crazy! There is a spiderman roller coaster at universal that I know will drive Collin CRAZY. Its gonna be great. We are still working all the time and Austin has his own personal accomplishment that I have to brag about! Him and I have been dieting since the end of January and he is loosing sooo much weight and doing such a great job! He is so strong and I couldn't be prouder of him! That’s husband is just the greatest guy ever! lol hahaha

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Melissa said...

We had so much fun! I thought it was the perfect party, too. I am jealous...why is it that everyone is getting into Hawthorn but Savannah? Grrr. Good job on the budget, and on the diet. You guys look awesome!