Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The boys are having a blast with their summer. We are trying to make it as fun as possible for them. Lots of swimming, zoo, and days at the park. :) The older boys are enjoying the no school but Collin cannot wait to "eat lunch at school". lol Dominik is funny with pre-school. He leaves crying everyday cause he says he doesn't want to go, only to come home saying "Mommy I had so much fun!!!" haha I posted the video of Dom's first time swimming alone, with his floaties of course.
And I am happy to report that Eclipse sooooo kicks the other Twilight movies butt! I think I am going to have to watch that in the theater a few more times.

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Jen said...

Loooved Eclipse! It was my fave book, so if the movie had sucked, I'd have been pissed!

When does school go back there?