Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everything thats been going on since October! lol

So first things first....TWILIGHT! lol was AWESOME!!! And everyone who disagree's can kiss it! I have read those books WAY too many times for anyone I know to argue with me. And most of you know it! lol (Yeah I'm 25, SO!!! hahaha) Just look at these pics!! How can you argue with me!! :)


(Not Good looking...really?? Ummm YES he is!)

(This movie was GREAT! :) GO watch it! )

Okay...I'm done! LOL I saw a post that irratated me can you tell! :)

So the Family is doing good. Jesse and Kayden's birthday party was alot of fun in November and Austin and I are staying in SLC! YAY!! I was nervous there for a minute! :) I mean Jesse has a girlfriend and everything, we can't leave lol! Can you believe a 7yr old can think he has a girlfriend? Honestly...he's so freakin adorable tho. Austin and I have been working alot lately!! Too much some think but you do what you need to right! Oh I have a funny one, so I went to parent teacher conferences two weeks ago and this is what I got....Collin has his "good & bad" days! if its a good day he'll throw it all out on the table, if its a bad day stay away!! hahaha what do I with that? He likes to write his name backwards but we're working on it. And she said he likes to wonder off when no one is looking during singing time. And what made this funnier is I followed Gentry for Hailey's conference, so I got to hear the end of my niece's PERFECT conference about how she is top of her class and all....hahaha and my son has good and bad days! It was interesting. Jesse's was the exact opposite! He is top of his class, above grade level in reading and she said all the parent helpers love to work with him because he is so polite and easy to work with! Again...what do you do with that?? I love my boys!! They keep me on my toes for sure. Dominik is starting to, slowly but surely say odd words, but I'll take it. He's just gonna get better! And then in November was also my cousin Ashlee's wedding! She was so beautiful and I had so much fun being her maid of honor. So to sum it all up our fam is doing great, and life is good right now.

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Melissa said...

Yes, I am with you on the movie thing. I went to it again with my little sis, and these people in the back were laughing the whole time. I'm thinking, if you're not into these books, why would you waste your money? Your kids are getting so big, Sisi asks for Dominik every day. We will come visit soon.