Saturday, December 20, 2008


I just want to get on here and say Merry Christmas before I don't see you and get the chance! We love you all and hope your Holiday season is everything you are hoping for!

With that...updates...Lets see....It is December and its been a crazy holiday season so far! Sooo much going on, but I have some pictures of some of the parties and programs. Collin's program was yesterday and he did sooo freakin good. No wondering eyes like normal....He SANG and did all the signs! SOOO cute! He didn't just let cousin Hailey do all the singing! lol Jesse is getting more excited everyday hoping Santa brings him what he wants, and Dominik....well he's almost 2...need I say more! Just know he's keeping us on our toes! lol Austin and I are working a lot....hahaha What else is new right? I have a funny note about Austin tho! So I was watching football with him last Sunday and I see an add on TV about the NFL women’s line and I say "AH! Some of those look so cute! I need a new Bronco shirt!" And the next thing I know there is a NFL wrapped box under the tree! hahaha I know, subtle right! I love him! He's so funny! Any who...I'll post more pics when I get them!


The White Way said...

Cute pictures! I love to keep updated on your family. Hope you have a very merry christmas!

Jen said...

Soo cute! They're all getting so big!